Talisa Gill  

 Director & Marketing Consultant

As the Director of the business, Talisa is responsible for keeping the business successful. Whether that’s networking, sales, marketing, finances or company culture. Every piece of that puzzle is important and is something she takes very seriously as a business owner. Talisa wants to ensure that 10X marketing is the best place for the team and our clients in terms of service and delivery.   

Talisa also helps as a Marketing Consultant. She loves helping business owners and marketing professionals to work on their marketing strategies. Starting right from the beginning, we map out the client personas, value proposition, sales cycle and marketing systems & processes. This can sometimes always include training in certain areas of marketing.

Experience and Background   

  • University – BA Hons International Business Studies (Year in Industry for a Medical Company working as a Marketing Assistant)
  • Started first business whilst as a university selling home décor products from Dubai into the UK market 
  • Continued working for the Medical Company after university for a couple of years as the Assistant Marketing Manager  
  • Joined Martek Marine as a Marketing Executive and got promoted to Marketing Manager after the first four months  
  • Worked for Martek Marine for four years before taking the leap of faith to go full-time with 10X Marketing Consultancy 

Likes and Dislikes  


  • Trying out new restaurants – always wanting to try new places and new food   
  • Working out – whether it’s a walk, weights or a body attack class at the gym
  • Travelling – she always wants to experience new places, so Talisa would take a holiday or a trip somewhere rather than buy something expensive!   



  • Nutella and anything else nut related!
  • Gardening – Talisa hates it and will pay someone good money to do it!  
  • Confrontation 🙈 Talisa always wants to make everyone happy, so giving bad news and constructive feedback is a big challenge!  

Fun Fact 

  • Talisa comes from a family who breed falcons as a business  
  • She used to trampoline competitively for eight years before breaking her arm  
  • She once had ten holidays in one year

Connect with Talisa

 Connect on LinkedIn 

 01709 432027 


Areas of Expertise

  • Organisation – making the business and team work together towards the business goals 
  • Business Development – Developing relationships and taking on new clients 
  • Motivation – very positive outlook and always wanting the best for the team. Showcasing new opportunities and areas for development to be a better person all round