Sasha Whittam

Marketing Account Manager

Sasha’s role as a Marketing Account Manager means she has a helping hand in all types of projects. She loves learning on the job and finds it rewarding when a client loves the ideas she has brought forward.

Sasha helps the 10X Marketing team with:

  • Planning, writing, graphic design and scheduling of social media content.  
  • Social media profile engagement 
  • Writing blog posts for a variety of clients 
  • Creating and managing email marketing campaigns  
  • Producing monthly marketing reports 
  • Creating newsletters

Experience and Background   

Sasha has only recently entered the world of marketing; before this, she studied business at college, and this is where she found her passion for marketing.

Outside college, she had a blog focused on skincare and daily life. This blog prompted Sasha to work in partnership with small businesses in exchange for product reviews.

After college, Sasha went on to work in the finance industry, where she worked her way up to becoming an office manager for a mortgage & insurance company. After years at this job, she realised she wanted to pursue her passion in marketing, and now here she is at 10X Marketing. 

Likes and Dislikes  


  • Walking her dog in the Peak District  
  • Wild Camping – Scotland is top of the list
  • All things Halloween



  • Decorating in all forms – painting is just not for her
  • The hot weather – Autumn is the best season  
  • City centres – they’re just too busy!  

Fun Fact 

  • Sasha met a celebrity and got his autograph tattooed on her (regrettably)
  • She has watched Dexter too many times (to the point of getting a tattoo)  
  • She just loves a charity shop! So many unique pieces of furniture and clothing.

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