In today’s society, digital marketing has gained immense popularity among companies that aim to stay ahead of the game. In some aspects, it has become a viral phenomenon, appearing on the screens of the latest smartphones, popular social media platforms and across the web.  

This new marketing approach has proven effective and is here to stay. 

Digital marketing stands out for many reasons, one of these being that it has the ability to deliver real-time, measurable results without having the financial strings that other high-risk marketing forms have.  

But the biggest reason behind its recent boom across the marketing sector lies in its capacity to provide companies with a chance to personalise their posts and advertising to target their audience’s preference directly.   

4 Key Elements of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is the key to success in the tech-centric world that we live in, and whether small or large, your company can engage and create leads across all your social media platforms with the help of a high-quality digital marketing plan.   

Here are four components that you need to consider when customising your digital marketing approach: 

Social media  

This is just one of the aspects of digital marketing that we THRIVE in at 10X Marketing Consultancy. We understand the extent of what social media can do for a business, and tapping into this digital world of unlimited potential customers is a must.   


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We’ll let you in on a few of our golden rules of social media:   


Instagram: Links don’t work on Instagram; instead, try pointing the audience to a link in your bio, or using LinkTree for more than one link. 


Facebook: Setting up a dedicated business page helps to create a professional presence on Facebook, but don’t forget to engage with company posts on your personal account to increase your reach.   


Twitter: Twitter is a platform that LOVES short and sweet content, keep it snappy and add a #Hashtag.  


LinkedIn: This is the place to build your professional brand, connect with people and get networking! 


Search engine optimisation 

Also known as SEO, search engine optimisation is something that you should be applying to all areas of your digital marketing strategy. After all, if your website or content doesn’t rank high or appear on consumers’ screens, how will you get leads?  


Here are our SEO tips:  


Keyword research: Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-traffic keywords related to your industry, such as WordStream. 


Mobile-friendly websites: Most people browse on their phones these days; adapt your website to ensure that it is optimised for mobile devices to improve user experience.  


Link Building: Build a strong backlink profile by networking with your content. This could include content partnerships, guest blogging or influencer collaborations.  


Monitor performance: Keeping tabs on how well your site or copy ranks in terms of SEO and Google search is the best way to keep great content from slipping through the net. Tools like Google Analytics can help you do this (so can we). 


Email marketing 

Around 80% of marketers use automated email campaigns to nurture leads. (HubSpot 


Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that is often forgotten about. But when you find yourself bored without any notifications, what do you do?  


I know I find myself scrolling through my emails and checking out what people have to say, sell and advertise.  


This element of digital marketing is excellent for communicating directly with customers in a personalised manner while also building credibility, brand awareness and customer loyalty.  

Check out more on email marketing and open rates here. 


Analytics and trends 

We won’t bore you with the figures, but digital marketing requires analysis and trend tracking that crunches the numbers and creates data-driven decisions that set you above the competition.  

Developing a competitive strategy is something we are passionate about at 10X since our job is to make you stand out from the crowd in the world on content marketing. 

This means researching your industry, identifying who your competitors are and analysing their digital presence. Our findings, combined with our marketing knowledge, then put us in a position to make your digital footprint flawless.   

Now you know the basics, how should you personalise it? 

How to personalise your digital marketing 

91% of consumers prefer visual content to written content (Forbes), so we’ll make it easy for you… 

How to personalise your digital marketing approach

How to personalise your digital marketing approach graphic

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