Content marketing can be a highly effective strategy for gaining brand awareness and building business opportunities. Recent reports show that almost 50% of content marketing professionals expect their budgets to increase over the next year.  

But, to ensure key points are being met and your budget is spent wisely, don’t fall into the content mistakes we’ll discuss today.   


What are the biggest content marketing challenges?  

Let’s take a look at the common challenges faced by content marketers in 2023:  

  • High-quality content: Creating high-quality, engaging content can be time-consuming, especially if this is also taking up a lot of your resources. To overcome this issue, marketers need to produce content that speaks to their target audience, provides value and keeps the brand’s tone of voice as its focus. This will keep your target audience coming back for more.  
  • Using the right content to connect with your audience: We know how tempting it can be to see a trending platform with videos that are going viral, and you want to do the same with your brand, but not every platform is right for every brand. Let’s take TikTok for example; this platform can work great for some businesses, especially those that are B2C or have a product to offer. If you are offering a service and your target audience is males ages 40-65, they’re less likely to be on TikTok, and instead, you would find better success with Facebook or Twitter.   

It’s about having the right content, not all of the content!  

  • Keeping up with the algorithm: Marketing is constantly evolving, and each social platform and search engine continuously has updates to keep up with the amount of information online and how we take in that information. As content marketers, we need to be keeping up with the changes to ensure the content we’re creating remains relevant to our target audience.  


Content marketing myths  

Let’s explore some of the content marketing myths we’ve heard lately and why they might not necessarily be true:  

Myth 1:  

 Myth: When I’ve hit publish, my job is done.  

Truth: You need to repurpose your content across multiple platforms and then revisit.   

You’ve spent hours researching and writing a killer blog post that resonates with your audience; you click publish and breathe a sigh of relief that you’re finished…don’t stop there! 

The first step you want to take is promoting that blog. It’s best to create a social media post that tells your followers that you have a new blog on your website and then another piece a few weeks later that takes key points from the blog and explains them to your followers. This way, you’re sending your audience back to the website, and the blog isn’t just sitting and being forgotten.   

Then you need a refresh and revisit!   

Just because you have a blog post published a year ago doesn’t mean you can’t go in and edit the content to make it relevant for today. You can add new links, update the keywords and take key points for a new social media post, gaining traction to the older blog on the website.   


Myth 2:  

Myth: I need to be on every platform.  

Truth: Be where your ideal customer is.  

This is a myth we touched on at the beginning of the blog, but don’t think that you need to be on every trending platform. It is best to create quality, consistent content across a handful of platforms that work for your brand and target audience, then try and be on every platform with content that isn’t valuable to your readers.   

So, research and write high-quality content you can repurpose onto the relevant platforms, and your audience will follow.  


Myth 3:  

Myth: The more content, the better.  

Truth: High-quality content for the win!  

Do you think posting multiple times a day is worthwhile? Research shows that social media platforms like Instagram will penalise you and mark your account as spam if you’re posting too much.   

It’s much better for your audience (and your post engagement) to post less frequently but with engaging, educational content that your audience will find interesting.   


Content marketing is valuable   

Now, we’ve discussed the myths that come with content marketing, but it is one of the most valuable things you can do for your brand. Here are several reasons why you should focus on your content marketing…  

  • Build brand awareness: Creating engaging, educational content can help businesses establish themselves in the market and increase awareness amongst their target audience. By establishing yourself with high-quality content, you can build trust.  
  • Engagement with your audience: Content marketing allows you as a business to engage with your audience via the content itself and through comments and direct messages. This will enable you to build relationships, gain trust and nurture them throughout their journey.  
  • Long-term loyalty: Now that you’ve engaged with your audience and built up trust, you can keep your relationship for the long term, and hopefully, this will lead to repeat business, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.  

Do you need help with your content marketing, whether that is blogs, newsletters, social media or anything in between? Contact the 10X Marketing team today and find out how we can help your business thrive.